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Pavla - Motivational keynote speaker, executive and corporate coach-consultant, motivational humorist.

Pavla - motivational humorist and corporate comedienne

Pavla Michaela Polcarova
Motivational humorist and corporate comedian

Clean corporate comedy and humor presentations, customized for your group. Whether you are looking for laughter alone, or for laughs with a message, you will find it with this lawyer-turned-comedienne and corporate coach-consultant!

Pavla knows that laughs re-energize after a long day of meetings. She knows that laughter has the power to bring your group together like nothing else can. She knows the stresses of the corporate world, and the benefit of releasing this stress. Pavla also knows that inappropriate humor can alienate and offend, and that rudeness is never a substitute for clever humor. All this is why her corporate background is such an asset to you!

Just laughs, humor with a message, or corporate change?

Corporate comedy is essentially clean stand-up comedy for corporate events. The primary intent is to entertain the audience - if they learn something, that's a bonus but not a requirement. Stand-up comedy is largely made-up of a routine with laughs every 10-30 seconds, and ad-libs that involve the audience. Corporate comedy is great for banquets, after-dinner events, award ceremonies, fundraisers, or if your audience will have access to a bar before or during the presentation.

A motivational humorist is part of an event when the organizer is looking for humor with a message. The intent is for the audience to learn and to have fun. Sort of a 2-for-1 deal. Motivational humor is largely made up of funny stories and lines with built-in learning points about issues such as change, leadership, or communication. Motivational humor speeches are great for convention keynotes, after-dinner speeches, and conference breakout sessions.

Humor in the workplace presentations are designed to help an organization with real corporate issues. Such presentations are perfect to help organizations with stress management, change management, team building, conflict resolution and communication skills. Such presentations have a great deal of content along with a great deal of laughter. "Humor in the workplace" presentations are great as in-house workshops or conference breakout sessions.

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CPR Coaching Services - Executive and corporate coaching, corporate consulting on employee motivation, management skills, and conflict resolution.

Audiences Laugh:

"I was very impressed and entertained. You have the "right stuff" for standup.....an easy style, good material, good control of the room, a great delivery, and most important, you're a funny lady. Your idea to blend your standup and coaching skills is a good one. It's comedy with a message and a reward."
Mike Hurst, MD Hurst & Company Ltd.

"You are a first class comedienne and entertainer! Standup comedy is perhaps one of the most difficult forms of entertainment. The performer has to establish an immediate rapport with the audience and immediately begin to create a little comic 'universe', where the audience is not just entertained but also participates in the proceedings. You are outstanding at this!"
Maestro Laszlo Gati, International Orchestra Conductor, President and Executive Director, Dollar Concerts of the Pacific




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