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Motivational Keynote:
"Leading Beyond Barriers"

A unique experience and an uplifting adventure

Is determination important in your industry? Would you like your group to have more confidence to embrace challenges, more flexibility to adapt to changes quickly, more ability to try again despite obstacles and rejection? Would you like to learn how to focus on a goal and have the patience and perseverance to see it come to fruition? Would you like your group to recognize more opportunities, take greater risks, and pursue bigger goals? Would you like to create positive change before your environment changes for you? Would you like your people to say "our circumstances donít let us accomplish our goals" less often? Would you like to hear "we will find a way" instead?

Through her inspiring story of a harrowing escape as a 16-year old from a communist Czechoslovakia and the journey from a "useless foreigner" with no English skills and no possessions to a lawyer and entrepreneur, Pavla motivates your group to think, question, and act beyond their seemingly iron limits of "the comfortable" and "the known". By experiencing Pavlaís courageous journey that touches hearts and tickles funny bones, your groupís perspectives open to greater possibilities. It matters not whether you want higher sales, refocused priorities, a new vision, or rekindled dreams. When you leave, you will again believe that miracles can come true for you, too.

Who will benefit from this motivational keynote, personalized for your specific industry and organizational priorities and challenges:

- Salespeople
- Corporate Special Events
- Business and Community Leaders
- Entrepreneurs
- Association and Corporate Conventions
- Trade Shows
- Women Groups
- Youth Groups
- Athletic Teams

This keynote acts as a catalyst for paradigm shifts in:

- Confidence
- Leadership
- Vision
- Positive Focus
- Perseverance
- Relationships
- Creative Resourcefulness

Recommended presentation format:
- Motivational keynote or general session address
- 45 to 90 minutes length

Inspired audiences say:

Garry W. Greene, Director, In-Store Banking, Bank of Montreal:
"It was indeed a pleasure to meet someone with your talent and positive outlook on life. I think the participants found your presentation to be uplifting and one of the highlights of our two day event. In particular, I would like to thank you for the time you spent researching and the customized additions."

Jon George, Financial Advisor
"What a moving, sincere and heart felt presentation. Your message shows that you have been there, experienced terror and walked through the experience to a greater world. And, if you have done this, so can others!! I feel that any group that is able to hear your program will be uplifted. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Jennifer Levers, Senior Director, Mary Kay Canada:
"What can I say: you were unbelievably awesome! Thank you for presenting to our group. You are so inspiring and the consultants and I got so much out of your lessons, Pavla!"

Susan Hunt, Director, Miracle House, North Vancouver:
"During your presentation, I went from laughter to tears to laughter to tears to laughter. Thank you!"

David Jackson, Director, Business Builders in Action:
"On behalf of all who attend the recent Business Builders in Action event at which you spoke, I should like to express a resounding vote of thanks. Your personal experiences and insightful information provided inspiration to all. I hope we may invite you back in the future to provide further inspiration and encouragement."

Darlene Sanders, The Avant Gardener:
"For your age, you have a depth of understanding of life that is truly amazing. You really are an exceptional motivational speaker!"

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CPR Coaching Services - Executive and corporate coaching, corporate consulting on employee motivation, management skills, and conflict resolution.

Success Stories:

Barbara Hurst, Branch Manager, Administration and Human Resources, Colliers International:
"Thank you so much for your spectacular presentation. The feedback I received was very positive and thought provoking. Your presentation style was warm and flowing, which allowed your message to be delivered effectively. The group thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. Thank you again, Pavla. You have a positive impact on people."

Dyan Maglio, Event Coordinator, Terminal City Club :
"Your topic was timely and of great interest. We appreciated your insights, inspiration and practical steps to going through change in all areas of our lives. It was an excellent presentation and thoroughly enjoyed by all."




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