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"7 Steps to Customer Loyalty and Referrals"

How to tap into existing customer relationships to
increase profits in a competitive marketplace

This program is designed to be a hands-on toolbox full of ways to revolutionize how business owners and salespeople approach customers. It is common sense to notice that, without customers, neither the sales person nor the umbrella company can survive. This is, naturally, why businesses focus on marketing. However, since it takes 3-5 times more money, time, and effort to find a new customer than to keep an existing customer loyal, it is often what happens AFTER the sale that makes an enormous difference to a company’s bottom line.

The attendees will learn:

  • What LCV (Lifetime Customer Value) means, how to calculate it, and how it can turn around the way they do business
  • Why customers leave and how a company can prevent up to 96% of them from leaving
  • Why sales people should love unhappy customers and how to deal them in a way that puts more money in the company
  • Two strategies to quadruple sales through simple customer service methods
  • How the quality of a customer relationship makes a much bigger difference to a customer’s buying and referral decisions than the quality or the price of the product sold
  • 7 simple and powerful ways to keep customers loyal
  • "The" key strategy to prevent buyer’s remorse
  • Critical customer service mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Numerous excellent examples of highly effective customer service
CPR Coaching Services - Executive and corporate coaching, corporate consulting on employee motivation, management skills, and conflict resolution.

Success Stories:

Bill Pearce, Chairman, Certified General Accountants Association of British Colu
/div> "Thank you, Pavla. I spoke with several of our members who attended your Seminar and the consensus was that your Presentation was very effective. in addition, the Content of the Seminar was considered to be very useful to everyone in his or her day-to-day business activities. From a personal standpoint, your Seminar was very practical in that it reminded me of several aspects of Customer Service that I must admit I have been overlooking in recent years. Once again, Pavla, thank you for a most enjoyable and worthwhile Presentation."




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