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"Take Charge of Change"

How to turn stress, obstacles and change into
opportunities for better performance, profits, and satisfaction.

Is your organization or industry experiencing reorganization, market fluctuations, and other challenges? Are your people responding negatively with increased absenteeism, avoiding important tasks or calls, decreased attention to customers, negative competitiveness and gossip in the workplace, looking for positions with other companies, and other signs of low morale and demotivation?

The Chinese symbol for "change" is made up of the combination of two characters: "danger" and opportunity". Change can be stressful but also exciting. How about learning some ways of turning change and turmoil into greater opportunities for growth and satisfaction? This program is designed to be inspirational and full of practical tips. It goes beyond information on how to survive and make it through. When people are willing to search, often a perceived weakness may turn out to be a competitive advantage and strength. Pavla has found and lived a system of how to move forward with a smile even in adverse conditions and now teaches how to use change and stress as a way to design much stronger and happier directions for organizations and their people.

The attendees will learn:

  • The three rules of how change affects the body, the mind, and the emotions
  • The difference between positive and negative stress
  • How to change fear and stress into energy useful for moving forward
  • What comfort zones are and how to get outside the comfort zone without too much discomfort
  • How to see, create, and assess options and strategies for moving forward
  • The CPR formula for getting beyond obstacles
  • The biological basis for resistance to change and how these biological instincts can be "tricked"
  • 27 different strategies to decrease fear and get motivated
  • Practical examples of people and organizations turning around as a result of finding opportunities in change and adversity
  • The effect of balance and humour on the bottom line
CPR Coaching Services - Executive and corporate coaching, corporate consulting on employee motivation, management skills, and conflict resolution.

Success Stories:

Lorraine Anyotte-McIvor, Committee Member, South Quill Daycare, Erickson,
"You gave me ideas on how I could bring/introduce change to the workplace. You gave me ideas of some of the problems I face at work. Really enhanced my skills."

Dyan Maglio, Event Coordinator, Terminal City Club:
"Your topic was timely and of great interest. We appreciated your insights, inspiration and practical steps to going through change in all areas of our lives. It was an excellent presentation and thoroughly enjoyed by all."


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