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"Partnership Selling" Marketing System

"Partnership Selling" Sales and Marketing System Kit for Professional Practices and Business Owners - Based on hundreds of hours of work with clients, this is a practical and simple system to help you improve your marketing skills and increase your profits. The kit is a system containing "how to" information, checklists, organizational and self-motivational tools to get and keep yourself on track. The "Partnership Selling" system covers all you need to get more business and to keep more of what you make:

  • Direct and indirect lead generation strategies;
  • Position yourself as an expert and have clients call YOU!
  • Pricing strategies: Time-based, value-based and package offers;
  • How to communicate with potential and current clients: Do's and Dont's;
  • Effective follow-up methods to convert your leads into clients - and your existing clients into more repeat and referral business!

  • 7 Steps to Change and Living Your Dreams - A motivational audiotape describing the steps to take for long-term change. Pavla is often asked to talk about her escape journey across the Austrian Alps. Here is the story - and the practical steps that you can use to implement change in your own life!


    CPR Coaching Services - Executive and corporate coaching, corporate consulting on employee motivation, management skills, and conflict resolution.

    "I listened to your comedy tape...it exceeded my expectations. It was great! I laughed and smiled during the entire tape. Very impressive. You're an amazing woman."
    Andrew Thomas, Alexandria, VA

    "Thank you for the audio tape of your presentation for my daughters who are in the midst of change. Your personal stories and enthusiasm will be a great inspiration to them. "
    Dyan Maglio, North Vancouver, BC:

    "Thank you very much for the tape. I very much appreciated hearing it; the topic was surly what I needed to hear!"
    P.T., Burnaby, BC:




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