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Management consulting services pricing

By program or project: Fees can be quoted based on achieving certain objectives for your organization and the services that will be needed to achieve those objectives for you. You don't need to worry about cost overruns or any other potential uncertainties in your budget decisions. You and your people will have full access to Pavla for the duration of the project without worrying whether extra access will increase your project costs. You benefit by having access to whatever it takes to achieve your results.

By retainer: You can retain Pavla's services based on the expected access you will need for yourself and your organization. Retainer pricing is ideal for situations like 24/7 hot-line access for customer relations questions, marketing feedback access, and 24/7 on-demand coaching access.

By time: If you prefer to be billed by time, research and preparation time and off-site consulting fees are charged at $200/hr. Onsite consulting and meetings are charged at $2,000/day.

Coaching program pricing

In-person one-on-one coaching: 45-75 minute weekly coaching sessions - $750 per month or $1995 for a pre-paid 3 month period (plus GST). Includes 10 sessions spread over 3 months, along with accessibility for feedback outside of sessions.

Telephone one-on-one coaching: 30-45 minute weekly coaching sessions - $575 per month or $1495 for a pre-paid 3 month period (plus GST, if you are a resident of Canada). Includes 10 sessions spread over 3 months, along with accessibility for feedback outside of sessions.

Organizational team coaching: Fees for team coaching are quoted based on the number of participants, coaching period, and the amount of contact and feedback required outside of scheduled sessions. Fees can be charged by project, hourly, by participant, or by retainer.

"Stay on Track" Programs: The first three-month period works best when it is based on weekly contact. After that, you can choose to continue on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis.

Pricing for presentations

Prices for on-site or conference presentations are quoted based on the length of the program, the degree of program customization, research and preparation required, and the number of attendees. As a guideline for you, here are some representative fees:

  • Group facilitation (up to 8 hours, up to 25 participants): $2,000
  • Keynote (customized, up to 75 minutes, over 100 attendees): $3,500
  • Half-day workshop (customized, up to 4 hours): $4,000
  • Full-day workshop (customized, up to 8 hours): $5,000

Expenses, discounts, and payment terms

Discounts may be available for fundraising and non-profit group events. Discounts may also be available for multiple programs at the same event (a conference keynote along with a breakout session, for example).
10% discount is available for early payments (see payment terms below).

Expenses such as airfare and lodging are paid by the client. These can be either booked and paid directly by the client, or they can be booked by us and reimbursed by the client. The client has the option of budgeting (by paying a flat fee for expected expenses), or getting billed for actual expenses.

Training materials such as workbooks are typically included in the presentation price. If you wish, these can be charged separately.

Payment terms: For one-time events such as presentations, 50% is due at the time of booking and the remainder is due the day of the presentation. 10% discount is available for full payments received 30 days before the presentation date. For coaching and consulting, invoices are issued monthly. 10% discount is available for services fully prepaid before the start of services.

Guarantee: "100% satisfaction or your money back" guarantee applies to all services.

Will you get what you're looking for? See what past clients have said!

CPR Coaching Services - Executive and corporate coaching, corporate consulting on employee motivation, management skills, and conflict resolution.

Success Stories:

"You proved to be an excellent coach, helping me to achieve both personal and business results. I found you to be tenacious, focused and supportive but also willing to challenge me on my methods. As a result, I was able to achieve almost a 100% increase in profits for our company this year versus last."
Richard Jaffray, President, Cactus Restaurants Ltd.

"I'd have to say that this week was a 10! What's not to like: being at the vortex of a $3 billion auction provided enough of an affirmation. Things at work have substantially changed, needless to say, since our first chat. The homework assignments proved to be very valuable on several different fronts. So, once again, thanks Pavla. You're an awesome coach!!!"
E.N., Chief Information Officer, UK real-estate-backed securities investment fund:

"I love how things are going. I have a new job that pays me more than 3 times what I was making when I started working with you, and is the most I have ever made in my life. Women are starting to look at me again. Pavla, you faced me in a completely new direction. For that, I thank you with all my heart."
John Dafoe, Website designer and developer




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